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Creative Types. Idea People. Anyone with Talent.

Turn Your Passion Into Profit!

Is the process of creating your brand burying you in an endless loop of tasks? Are you telling yourself these lies about your future?

Lies like these:​

  • I can't make money doing what I love.

  • I can't turn my passion into a real brand.

  • I will never be good enough to make it.

  • I just don't belong in the business world.

  • I can't have what I want because of my age.

Imagine this:

What if you had a clear roadmap to build your brand, step by step?

What if you could pour your talent and experience into your own brand and transform all that energy into steady income?

What if you felt welcome in the business world, instead of like an outsider?

Good news! Creating your own brand requires the talent and imagination you already have.

The same creative strengths that make you good at what you do are exactly what you need to become a successful brand maker. You CAN turn your professional dreams into a remarkable reality.

Top coach Robin Blakely chatting with attendees of a speaking engagement

When 4000+ creatives told us that no one had ever talked about brands in such a meaningful way... we realized our purpose for them... and for you.

Our mission? To show you how to build your brand by optimizing the creative skills you use every day.

That's why we created...

The Brand Makers Club by Creative Center of America

Make your professional dreams happen—faster.

Mindfully grow your talent-driven brand.  Transform your big ideas, knowledge, and experience into a working business so you can get paid to do what you truly love.

Here's what you can expect to accomplish when you join us:

Connect with Your Target Audience: We'll help you identify and connect to those who need your products and/or services.


Solve The 'Too-Many-Hats' Problem: We'll help you gain control of your workplace operations and set up the proper scaling opportunities so that you can do the work you love. Our revolutionary Six Hats Method will help you approach the business side of your creativity in a way that solves the common 'everything-all-at-once' challenge.


Improve Your Audience's Journey: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the audience journey through our transformative ACE Model. Help your target market navigate the universal stages of Awareness, Connection, and Engagement. This knowledge will enable you to create immersive experiences that captivate and convert your audience, leaving a lasting impact.


Bring Your Brand's Narrative to Life: We have powerful tools that will help you create a cohesive brand narrative that resonates with your audience.


Stop Being Alone!  Our exciting new community is made for creative minds, idea people, and passionate individuals who are dedicated to building their own talent-driven brands. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey that brings your creative vision to life.

Robin Blakely - CEO of Creative Center o

Robin Blakely


The Brand Makers Club

Who Am I?
I'm The Last Coach You'll Ever Need.

I have an extensive background in business development and strategic planning.  I am the CEO of Creative Center of America, author of four business books, and the founder of The Brand Makers Club.

As a business coach who is often quoted on,  I've helped make professional dreams happen for emerging experts, best-selling authors, renowned artists, and talent-driven brands from across the United States, Canada, and Europe.


Now, it's your turn!

The best part? Robin's coaching works. Like, REALLY works.

Robin put me on the map, securing PR for me in national magazines, television and radio as well as speaking engagements.


She is, quite simply, the best PR person I have ever met!

Rebecca Forster

USA Today Best-Selling Author

Robin and her knowledgeable team worked tirelessly to further my career as a novelist.


She also built me an awesome website.


Anna Markland

International Best-Selling Author

Robin Blakely is a master at publicity, publishing and managing care direction for creative professionals. She takes a creator’s potential, shapes it and builds it into something bigger and better.


I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Dennis Anderson

Award-winning Journalist

Here's what you'll get as an

Exclusive Member of the Brand Makers Club:


Instant Access to Our On-Demand QuickStart Assessments

($750 Value)

Your Brand Check-Up

No matter where you're at in the brand-making process, this quick check-up can help you improve your brand's health. The first step? Take inventory of what you have and need. This vital information guides you to find the best path to reach your brand's true potential.

The Biz Side of Your Brand

Want to stop the chaos of wearing too many hats? This quick assessment helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses on the business side of your brand.


Your Audience Journey

Do you know how your target market finds your brand? Our quick quiz helps you identify ways you can make it easier for your audience...and more profitable for your bottom line.


Access The Brand Makers Club Community on Heartbeat

($1240 Value)

Join our discussion platform on Heartbeat. Chat with other members. Ask questions. This is where you find all the interactive elements of your membership like the monthly PR Planning Party, Monthly Weekend Challenge, Weekly Live Chat with Q&A, and more.

Join the Brand Makers Club community on Heartbeat


Weekly Live Chat with Q&A

($1300 Value)

Each Monday, Robin discusses insightful brand-building strategies and answers your questions—live!

Can't make it? No problem, a recording of each session is made available for all members to access on Heartbeat.


Grow with Our Monthly Weekend Challenge

($1800 Value)

Each month Robin will host a weekend challenge to help you build a custom tool or project for your brand.

Detailed instructions will be posted followed by an opportunity to join a check-in call on Saturday to ask questions. Members can submit their completed challenge to be shown off in our Member Showcase!



Get More PR with

Our Monthly PR Planning Party

($1000 Value)


Join Robin and fellow members at this monthly PR event to optimize promotional opportunities for your brand on social media each month.

Discuss themes, trends, hashtags, and media tie-ins that can boost your brand's visibility.   

Total Value: $6090

It's time to trust your heart and do what it takes to position yourself for the kind of success you deserve.

Time is of the essence.  You need to start building your brand now.

Discover how to channel your untapped potential, and create the business side that your creativity needs for the kind of success that is important to you. The Brand Makers Club offers expert guidance from a top Coach who understands the brand-making journey and deeply cares about helping you reach your creative success without becoming lost along the way. 

I'm Ready!

Join for a limited time to lock in your
membership at our lowest prices ever. 

The Brand Makers Club


per month

1. Instant Access to Our QuickStart Assessments

2. Access to the Brand Makers Club Community

(Powered by Heartbeat)

3. Weekly Live Chat with Robin

(Key Topic AND Q&A)

4. Monthly Weekend Challenge

(Interactive / First Saturdays)

5. Monthly PR Planning Party

(Interactive / Custom 17th of Every Month)

Have Questions?
We've Got Answers.

  • I have another question.
    Please feel free to email any and all additional questions to
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    Absolutely! We believe in empowering you to pursue your dreams with the utmost flexibility. You have the freedom to cancel your membership at any time.​ ​ Take a moment to review our cancellation policy for specific details or requirements, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.​
  • Will more stuff get added to my membership over time?
    Absolutely! We will be adding courses, content, or additional add-on materials for members monthly. We may also explore additional and/or different live events in the future. Price increases can be expected over time to reflect the growth of the club, so it is best to lock in your membership rate now, as it will only increase later.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Due to the nature of this being a digital product containing trademarked materials and because we share the outline of all the course content before purchase, we do not offer refunds. If you are truly unhappy with your purchase, please reach out to so we can help.
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