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The Writer's Team Package with Nick Owchar and Robin Blakely

While our package is useful for writers at every stage of manuscript creation, we explicitly designed STORYline for Success to be especially helpful for those in the early phases of their projects and for those who are uncertain about the direction and value of their complete-or-almost-complete project. 

STORYline for Success

The Writer's Team Package with 

Nick Owchar and Robin Blakely


We have been working in the world of books for more than 20 years. We have taught together and consulted together. We share a deep passion for helping writers make their professional dreams happen...and we both have track records that are noteworthy.

Our Writer's Team Package was created so we could help serious writers address critical issues as early as possible in their professional process. We love working together to help writers. We care strongly about writers, books, and the quality development of talent-driven brands. We know that expert guidance on craft and brand building at the right time in your creative career can help open doors for your brand while saving years of time and protecting you from self-doubt that can impact your professional growth. 

STORYline for Success. The Writer's Team Package with Nick Owchar and Robin Blakely provides you with the focused support services of an experienced editorial and publicity team who work together with you on the craft-to-business side of your creativity. We give you the early expert guidance to develop your book project and plan its future promotion at a critically opportune time in your professional development process.

Expert Manuscript Analysis Paired with Custom Branding Strategies for Authors  




For many years I worked for the Los Angeles Times as part of the Los Angeles Times Book Review staff.  I also played an active role in the annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. My current profession finds me at the heart of a classic, prestigious cluster of colleges and graduate schools in Southern California. In addition, I am the founder of Impressive Content, a service for authors, marketers, and institutions.  





I've worked closely with authors and publishers on more than 300 books across my career. My role is to identify,  secure, and build promotional opportunities with top national and regional venues that strengthen the client's brand strategies. My trademarked approach to brand-building is shared online through SCORE and the U.S. Business  Administration. I am the CEO of Creative Center of America and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council where I create and manage promotional programs for creatives, companies, and causes.


STORYline for Success

The Writer's Team Package with

Nick Owchar and Robin Blakely

We are excited about working together to help you. 


Here's what we do: we apply a process similar to what most major agents and publishing houses do in considering submissions: We assess a sample of your actual writing along with an outline of the overall project. We work directly with you—and with each other—to tailor the right set of recommendations to help you take business steps that will help make your writing and your talent-driven brand more commercially viable.

You provide:
---Project sample (50 pages, preferably taken from the opening of your project)
---Outline/summary of your project’s organization/ narrative arc
---Completion of marketing/promotional questionnaire that we provide to identify promotional baselines / start point 

---Participation in 5 scheduled consultations

(see below for more information) 

You receive:
---Getting started: 2 phone consultations at the beginning--one call is with Nick and one call is with Robin
---Manuscript assessment (including specific editorial feedback and general design recommendations from Nick)
---1 remote work session with Robin focused on marketing assessment/recommendations – (this consultation includes a custom report that details promotional development and marketing strategies that are suitable for your brand's audience, using the ACE model for awareness, connection, and engagement from Robin)
---Wrap-up phone calls/analysis: 2 phone consultations at the project’s completion to discuss assessments and our recommendations for your next steps--one call is with Nick and one call is with Robin


Total package timeline: 4-6 business weeks

Total Cost: $2500

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STORYline for Success

The Writer's Team Package with

Nick Owchar and Robin Blakely

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