It's A True American Love Story 


They fell in love after WWII and Japanese incarceration.

At 98, he’s published tribute to his beloved...


Louis Moore couldn’t stop staring at the dancer, third from the right in
the chorus line, at the China Doll nightclub in New York City.

It was spring 1946. World War II had recently ended. Moore was 23, newly discharged from the U.S. Army Air Corps after serving in Europe and enjoying a night out with his parents and sister at the just-opened Manhattan venue.

She had the sweetest eyes he had ever seen. He returned night after night, hoping to catch her attention.



by a 98-Year-Old First-time Author 

About Louis Moore

A 98-year-old first-time author, Louis Moore is a Chinese-American veteran who served in the United States Army Air Corps in World War II.

The author of Eternal Love, Lou was inspired to write by the love of his life, Nellie Moore. Nellie was a Japanese-American dancer who spent the war locked away in an American internment camp with other American citizens of Japanese heritage. 
After the war ended, their beautiful love-at-first-sight romance spanned more than seven decades.


Writing and publishing Eternal Love is a dream of Lou's come true. Now he inspires others by honoring his extraordinary life partner and serving as a rare voice speaking authentically about the Asian-America experience since World War II.


Ask Lou... Dreams Do Come True 

The story behind the book.

As a way to honor an American veteran, as a way to preserve the rare voice speaking authentically about the Asian American experience from World War II, as a tangible way to make the dream of writing a book by a 98-year-old man come true ... this book was lovingly created as a lasting tribute with genuine love and deep respect for Nellie and Lou.

No matter what


finds a way

Stacy Alvey, Lou’s good neighbor and a mental health professional, believed in Lou’s powerful story and lovingly typed every word as it was spoken by Lou. She transformed family photos into digital images and arranged them as illustrations in the book.


Mike Burroughs, owner of the Broken Bit Steakhouse, felt compelled to introduce Lou to Dennis, a trusted journalist who could share Lou’s extraordinary story with a community who cares deeply about veterans.


Dennis Anderson, journalist and veterans advocate, wrote about Lou for a Veteran’s Day feature in the local newspaper and then introduced Lou and his manuscript to his longtime friend Robin, a book publicist and coach.


Robin Blakely, CEO of Creative Center of America, organized a team of passionate creatives to publish Lou’s book and worked with Lou, Stacy, and Dennis to creatively direct the project and fast-track publication.


Melanie Geiss edited the book for punctuation and managed all the publishing platform details to bring the work to market.


Garrett Stroginis created the interior design and formatting of the e-book and hardcover editions of the book.


Tracy Lynn, owner of Virtually Possible Designs, worked diligently to create the extraordinary dust jacket to reflect the beauty of the love story.



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5.0 out of 5 stars 


Timeless and inspiring in the journals of the American Dream


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"Eternal Love" is true to its title. Nellie and Lou Moore are gifts to the ages - not only to each other but the rest of us, their readers. In such a short time, we not only live a lifetime of love with them, but we also draw lessons and wisdom of what partnership and equality should be like in relationships, business, the world. Their story is very familiar to me on so many levels, but most importantly, throughout it all, it is what I would hold up as a great example of the American Dream. It is the voice that not only crosses culture, geography, families, history, relationships, or a myriad of other things – it is the timeless value of mutual love, support, respect, friendship, and connection that rings of truth for our society and the greater world. It is a promise that started for them with a kiss in 1946 but for the rest of us, it starts today. Nellie and Lou's story is not over even after 98 years – it lives on in our imaginations and encouragements to new generations. That is the power of the journey and the written word. "Eternal Love" is a love letter to us all. Remember it well and pass it on. Thank you, Nellie and Lou – we will cherish your example forever."

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5.0 out of 5 stars 


Must Read for Relationships


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"I just finished reading Eternal Love and I have a feeling the author probably doesn't have any idea how much he packed into this memoir of his life with his wife Nellie. In the natural voice of a storyteller - not a novelist - Mr. Moore gives the reader a history lesson. Through his eyes we see a war, prejudice, professional struggle and triumph told in the simplest terms which makes the telling so very powerful. More importantly we are invited into his love story with his wife Nellie. He draws such a detailed picture of his wife and her impact on their world that one could only wish we had known her. Mr. Moore, himself, is also larger than life. He is at once self deprecating and aggrandizing, charming, caring, humble and full of pride. He is a man we would all hope to know in our lives, Nellie a woman we would hope to befriend, and their life together - decades of marriage- something we as human beings should all strive for. Mr. Moore gives the reader a road map to live a most excellent life. It is so simple in his opinion: respect, love, good humor, have each other's backs. I, for one, intend to follow his roadmap. Thanks for a great read and for allowing this reader a glimpse into your beautiful life."