From concept to finished piece, we make sure your key messages are identified, captured, heard, and seen. We deliver attention-demanding, news-quality video clips that are beautifully produced with animated names, titles, and logos.


Our on-site and remote videos are sharply edited and are paired with promotional teasers that are easily shared on social media platforms and websites to bring important concepts,

events, and people to the forefront.






Teaser for
Amazon Prime Movie

Tribute Shared by
Turner Classic Movies

BakingTECH 2021
Awards Presentation

Baking Hall of Fame

State of Missouri
Hospital Initiative

Bakers National Education Fund Series

Book Trailer with Over 139,000 Views

Best Week in Baking
Podcast Series

Production Elements for California TV Segment

Holiday Party
e-blast Invitation

Bread in Space

Air Race Classic

Top Speaker on
Suicide Prevention

CEO of
Dawn Foods

 Childhood Tale about Academy Award

Final Production on Tradeshow Catch Up

Full Production of Editor's Note Video

Full Production of Remote Video Interview



Concept / Strategy:

GOAL: Imagine a video that speaks to your target audience and advances your marketing goals.

1. What do you want to accomplish with the video?

2. Who is your target audience?

3. What message do you want to get across?

4. What are your marketing goals?

5. What problem will the video solve?

6. When is the finished video needed?

7. How will the finished video be viewed?

Pre-Production Plan:


GOAL: Figure out the logistics for the video shoot.

1. What is the setting for the video?

2. Can you take scouting photos of possible locations?

3. Will special approval be required for use of the location?

4. What are the on-camera roles?

5. What is the best time and day for the shoot?

6. Will special equipment be needed?

7. What is the budget?

Script Prep:

GOAL: Once the concept is dialed in, it's time to sit down and write a script. The script must be easy to understand, match the tone of the message, fit within your target video time, and include any changes in camera angle, wardrobe, background, or B roll.

1. What are the on-camera roles?

2. Do you have product images?

3. Do you have historic photos?

4. Do you have video clips?

5. Do you have awards?

6. Do you have important documents?

7. Maps?

8. Charts?

9. Brand Memorabilia?



Info Explainers
with promotional teasers and call-to-action posts

News-style Interviews with promotional teasers and web assets

Acceptance Speeches

Company Announcements

Documentary-style Programming
with multiple voices telling a featured narrative such as a historic overview along with multiple promotional teasers

Event Media Room

TED-Talk-style mini clips featuring Subject Matter Experts along with Pre-Event, Event Day, and Post Event promo posts

Formal Communications
Step-by-step video presentation for
required compliance, professional development, special orientation, or training that is documentable.