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Creative Center of America and The Donna Reed Foundation present:

"Follow Your Dreams and Build a Wonderful Life"
Workshop Extravaganza

KICK-OFF March 25, 2023

Creative Center of America has teamed up with the Donna Reed Foundation to celebrate making professional dreams happen.  This encouraging virtual event focuses on action steps for idea people to identify passions, prioritize skillsets, and move forward building a wonderful life.  The event showcases on-demand videos from noted guest speakers from around the world who are sharing their expertise, behind-the-scenes stories, and expert guidance to help make dreams happen.

This benefit event is specifically for individuals who want to control their own destiny—from here to eternity.

Every dollar raised is donated directly to the Donna Reed Foundation.

Event Passes Go On Sale Soon!


Practical. Actionable. Inspirational. Attendees are granted access to all live digital workshop sessions, as well as on-demand access after the event.

Donna Reed believed: "It is possible to follow your dreams with integrity, courtesy, equity, and humanity."  The event’s noted speakers share the desire to help others find a way to follow their dreams and they appreciate that Donna Reed was a modern woman who was decades ahead of her time.

  • Robin Blakely, top coach / CEO of Creative Center of America

  • Mary Smith, President-elect, American Bar Association

  • Julie Gold, Grammy award-winning songwriter of mega-hit, iconic song of the year "From a Distance"

  • Leigh Rubin, creator of internationally syndicated cartoon “Rubes”

  • Tina Garrett, living master fine artist

  • Rebecca Forster, USA TODAY Bestselling Author of the Witness series

  • Jess Ponce III, Hollywood Media Coach and bestselling author of AWESOME

  • Macarena Luz Bianchi, mindset coach, CEO of, author of 40+ premium gift books

  • Steve Scearcy, filmmaker, author, creative guide

  • G.L. Gooding, award-winning novelist

  • Antonio Garrido, executive coach, and bestselling author of My Daily Leadership

  • Paul Geiger, public speaking coach and bestselling author of Better Business Speech

  • Andrew Tallents, conscious leadership coach and bestselling author of Self-Coaching for Leaders

  • Shayce Johnston, performance mindset coach

  • Holly Elissa Bruno, emotional intelligence / childhood trauma expert, bestselling author of Happiness Is Running Through the Streets to Find You

  • Nikki Phillippi, lifestyle influencer

  • Melanie Votaw, book coach

  • Coco Owchar, wellness coach

  • Dr. Yolanda Lidia Valdés, holistic life coach and bestselling author of The Art of Flow 

  • Roberta Weber, wellness coach and change maker

  • and more Subject Matter Experts


The Donna Reed Foundation needs immediate help. 

The fundraising base goal is $25,000.

Every dollar raised strengthens the Donna Reed Foundation for the Performing Art’s effort to preserve, improve, and share the historic 1914 Donna Reed Theatre. The beautiful opera-house-turned-movie-theater is located in Reed’s hometown of Denison where the Iowa farm girl saw her first movie on her way to becoming a Hollywood star.


Celebrating a landmark year in 2023, the historic building is now officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Donna Reed is recognized as a legendary Oscar® winner, pioneer producer of her own television sitcom, and perhaps America's most misunderstood “stay-at-home” mom.

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A modern woman who was decades ahead of her time, Donna Reed believed:

"It is possible to follow your dreams with integrity, courtesy, equity, and humanity."

Focused on dreams, the weekend event is practical, actionable, and inspirational

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