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VIP Days with Robin get you jumpstarted and 

It's time to unleash your creative potential and start making money doing what you truly love

By helping you see yourself as a confident and capable entrepreneur, we instill the belief that you possess the untapped potential to achieve your goals and create a thriving brand. This result serves as a foundational step toward your overall success, paving the way for the realization of your professional dreams.

I'm Ready!

Creating your own brand is an incredible opportunity, but ensuring the sustainability may require some professional guidance.

Imagine turning your professional dreams into reality, knowing exactly where to focus…every step of the way.


Your professional dreams are absolutely possible… But, it is true that many creative individuals launch talent-driven brands only to feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty of math, money, and motion. True success demands more than just a great idea; it requires a solid plan, user-friendly tools, and the confidence to take action.

Top coach Robin Blakely strategizing with client
Top coach Robin Blakely chatting with attendees of a speaking engagement

We knew there had to be a way to reach millions of creatives just like who need help:

-  Becoming more clear about messaging

-  Becoming more business-like about pricing and sales issues


-  Receiving the information needed in a way that finally makes sense


-  Feeling protected and safe so they can grow

Robin Blakely - CEO of Creative Center o

Robin Blakely


The Brand Makers Club

Who Am I?
I'm The Last Coach You'll Ever Need.

I have an extensive background in business development and strategic planning, Robin Blakely is the CEO of Creative Center of America and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

For more than two decades I've helped make professional dreams happen for emerging experts, best-selling authors, renowned artists, and talent-driven brands from across the country. Leveraging publicity to increase business growth, Robin has secured and managed promotional placements for clients at print, broadcast, and live venues that have included HGTV, Book TV, The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, The National Baseball Hall of Fame, Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, the Golden Door Spa, The Hollywood Reporter, ABC World News, Vanity Fair, and more. Robin has coached clients participating in satellite media tours for Crest, Listerine, Huggies, and QVC.


Early in my creative career, I was a news writer who became the producer of a live radio talk show that featured guests such as the vice president of the United States; best-selling authors; NY Times bestseller Harvey MacKay; comedians Bob Hope, Jeff Foxworthy, and Steve Allen; newsman Mike Wallace; astronauts, television personalities, movie icons, and others.

I've written four business books, which include PR Therapy and Six Hats

Here's what you can expect to accomplish as part of our community:

Connect with Your Target Audience: Develop a crystal-clear understanding of your target audience and what you have to offer. This knowledge will empower you to forge strong connections with your customers, fostering loyalty and growth.


Ignite Your Creative Potential: Our revolutionary Six Hats Method will help you approach business  in a way that unlocks your creativity, allowing you to ideate like never before,  and propel your brand forward.


Craft Captivating Experiences: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the audience journey through the transformative Ace Model. This knowledge will enable you to create immersive experiences that captivate and convert your audience, leaving a lasting impact.


Bring Your Brand's Narrative to Life: Envision the bigger picture of your brand using our innovative STORYography cards. These powerful tools will help you align all elements seamlessly, creating a cohesive brand narrative that resonates with your audience.


Embrace Your Unique Identity: As a talent-driven brand, authenticity and self-protection are crucial. Embrace a special approach that safeguards and expresses your distinctive identity, allowing your true essence to shine through.


By achieving these remarkable results, you will not only visualize your brand's captivating storyline but also envision yourself as a successful business owner. Together, we will lay a strong foundation for your entrepreneurial journey, ensuring long-term growth and fulfillment.


Join our vibrant community of like-minded creatives, idea people, and passionate individuals who are dedicated to building their own talent-driven brands. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey that brings your creative vision to life. Get ready to make your mark in the world of entrepreneurship!

The best part is that it works. Like, REALLY works.

Our clients find the whole process fun and enlightening:

Robin put me on the map, securing PR for me in national magazines, television and radio as well as speaking engagements.


She is, quite simply, the best PR person I have ever met!

Rebecca Forster

USA Today Best-Selling Author

Robin and her knowledgeable team worked tirelessly to further my career as a novelist.


She also built me an awesome website.


Anna Markland

International Best-Selling Author

Robin Blakely is a master at publicity, publishing and managing care direction for creative professionals. She takes a creator’s potential, shapes it and builds it into something bigger and better.


I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Dennis Anderson

Award-winning Journalist

Here's what you'll get in a VIP Session:

1. Kick-off Your Membership With Instant Access to our

Evergreen / On-Demand Premium Signature Courses

($1050 Value)

Signature Course by Creative Center of America

Your Brand's Big-Picture Map:

Where You Are and What To Do About It

Experience a game-changing shift as you and your team gain an aerial perspective of your business brand. Find clarity on your brand's position and discover how to unlock actionable steps for success. Combat anxiety by optimizing tailored solutions that move you forward.

The Six Hats Method: Solving Your Brand's Everything-All-At-Once Problem

Strengthen the six most important roles in your business and solve the chaos of wearing too many hats. Our trademarked method is an easy-to-implement strategy that helps you focus on specific hat issues, set up critical roles, goals, systems, and framework essentials to build your brand. Gain control of your workplace and set up scaling opportunities as early as possible.

Signature Course by Creative Center of America
ACE Model Signature Course by Creative Center of America

The Ace Model: How To Raise Awareness, Connection, and Engagement for Your Brand

Unlock the power of the ACE Model and map your brand's audience journey. Our trademarked tool empowers you to optimize each stage of Awareness, Connection, and Engagement, building better relationships and growing your audience base. Help guide strategic decisions for website design, social media campaigns, creative assets, and promotional videos, propelling your brand forward.

2. Access The Brand Makers Club Community on Heartbeat

($1240 Value)

Join people just like you on our discussion platform Heartbeat. Chat with other members and discuss or ask questions about their own journeys and experiences.

The heartbeat platform will host the additional interactive elements of your membership like the monthly PR planning party, Monthly weekly challenge, coffee break discussion topics and more.

Join the Brand Makers Club community on Heartbeat

3. Get Ahead Quickly with Our RapidResult Action Classes

($750 Value)

Image by Jonathan Chng

Our FastTrack Action Classes Help Push You Even Further:

1 – website / online global view clinic - beyond just website, how their online presence all connects

2 - marketing with video like ibie

3 - social media boot camp

4. Join Robin for a Weekly Live Chat and Q&A

($1800 Value)

Each Monday, Robin will host a Coffee Q&A session, sharing an insightful topic and answering your questions—live!

Can't make it? No problem, a recording of each session will be made available after its done for all members to access on Heartbeat.

Image by ian dooley

5. Compete in Our Monthly Weekend Challenge

($2300 Value)

Bowling Strike

- Mentioned as a tease on the weekly live chat Recorded materials with text-based responses

Prep Plan is introduced on Wednesday

Reminder to join us is released on Friday

Saturday…launch and a if you are stuck 

Sunday…crossing the finishline

Tuesday… follow up about the successes

6. Up Your Social Media Game with

Our Monthly PR Planning Party

($2000 Value)

- We have a cca campaign plan with a broad universal business tone that offers a monthly  theme. We share the process.  Offer templates.  Include hashtag.

- Allow brand tagging.


- Manage themes articles with Epick Magazine / offer possibility of curated remarks inclusion. Editorial calendar

Travel Apps

Total Value: $9140

LIMITED TIME 🚀 SALE: Use Code LAUNCH5 to save an extra 5% on your Private VIP Day Session!

Book today at our lowest prices ever and
jumpstart your talent-driven brand

Private VIP Day

Total Value: $9140

Limited-Time Offer:


Instant Access to Our Full Signature Courses

Access to Community on Heartbeat

Instant Access to (3) RapidResult Action Classes

Weekly LIve Chat with Robin (Key Topic AND Q&A)

Monthly Business Tool Weekend Challenge (Interactive)

Monthly PR Planning Party (Interactive)

Have Questions?
We've Got Answers.

  • I have another question.
    Please feel free to email any and all additional questions to
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    Absolutely! We believe in empowering you to pursue your dreams with the utmost flexibility. You have the freedom to cancel your membership at any time.​ ​ Take a moment to review our cancellation policy for specific details or requirements, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.​
  • Will more stuff get added to my membership over time?
    Absolutely! We will be adding courses, content, or additional add-on materials for members monthly. We may also explore additional and/or different live events in the future. Price increases can be expected over time to reflect the growth of the club, so it is best to lock in your membership rate now, as it will only increase later.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Due to the nature of this being a digital product containing trademarked materials and because we share the outline of all the course content before purchase, we do not offer refunds. If you are truly unhappy with your purchase, please reach out to so we can help.
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