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We Storyboard
Brand Strategies

Robin Blakely - Fun Is Powerful Workshop

Our Fun is Powerful workshops and mini-workshops make brand-building understandable and fun. In a matter of minutes rather than months, our game-like process provides a comprehensive game board that is visually compelling, tailored to your specific brand in a fresh new way, and outlines the brand's path for a multi-stage communications strategy.  

Powered by Our Trademarked Process

Every brand has a storyline that can be choreographed, plotted, and mapped so that the audience experience unfolds like a well-told story. 


We call our choreography:
The ACE Model

Our ACE Model charts the universal path for the Audience experience. This path begins as soon as the audience discovers the brand. The areas of audience experience are defined as Awareness,  Connection, and Engagement.


At a key moment in each area, the brand's promise must be clearly stated. We call those branding moments: The Brand Beats. As brand-builders, it’s imperative that we determine what the brand beats are so that we can be sure our audiences have a solid experience. The best audience experiences start with Discovery and then move to Awareness, then Connection, and then Engagement. 

Our Clients Love It

It's Kind Of Like Chess

Bring Your Imagination

Part game. Part comic universe. All real-world strategy.

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