The Start Part is amazingly similar for everyone. 


This is how it begins…
You have something important to share with the world. You need a brisk and well-planned way to reach your best audience. Your next steps must be cost-effective and lean whether you are a big company or a force of one. 


This is what we do…
Creative Center of America helps you define precisely where you currently stand and precisely where you want to go. We show you how to leverage the resources you have—many that you may not even know exist—to propel yourself forward. We help  you consider scalability, whether the timing of future change is clearly anticipated or seemingly hits you overnight. We help you reach your audience and harness your potential in a whole new way. Our experienced business team has an extensive PR and Communications background that spans big and small companies, nationally recognized creative talent, and regional and national charities.  We know the lay of the land and we care about what happens to you.

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