We can work with your in-house staff or be your PR team.

placementsOur sharply focused service packages integrate easily with your growing needs. We provide executive coaching for CEO’s and senior staff. We are hired to create communication tools needed to meet company promotional goals.
We are contracted to design and set-up the promotional infrastructure required by new or existing staff.

♦  PR Campaigns

♦  Creative Collateral, including beautiful PowerPoints, canned articles, press kits, bios, newsletters, scripts

♦  Social Media and Traditional Media Campaigns, including set-up, strategy and content

♦  Full video Production

We are experts at PR and Communications.

When it comes to brand promotions, we know the lay of the land.  We help you connect with appropriate media, build relationships with new members of your target market, and create the strong PR infrastructure needed for your business to succeed and last. We pay attention to what stage you are currently navigating and help you leverage opportunities across awareness, connection, and engagement.  

Focused on guided growth, we have secured and managed promotional placements at print, broadcast, and live venues that have included: ABC, NBC, CBS, HGTV, The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, The National Baseball Hall of Fame, Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, The Golden Door Spa, The Hollywood Reporter, ABC World News, Vanity Fair, and more. We have coached clients participating in satellite media tours for Crest, Listerine, Huggies, and QVC.

Our experienced PR team has an extensive background with retail events at places that range from Whole Foods to Barnes and Noble, as well as prominent companies without corporate chain support. We have some fabulous national clients that include the American Society of Bakers, whose members are the bakers behind the brands in the bread aisle at every grocery store. We have worked on more than 250 books from top New York publishers and more than 450 feature films from The Walt Disney Studios. Between us, our team has written more than 15 books, including four on marketing.

Monthly Retainer or Flat Project Rates.

CONTACT: ROBIN BLAKELY | 660-973-2723 | Robin (@)CreativeCenterofAmerica.com


Below is a chart we developed that provides an important starting point for synchronizing company-wide goals for our clients.

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