Fans Love Paul Henning

Classic Television

In television’s heyday, critics often panned the silly sitcoms of the 1960s but every decade new fans are still tuning in…especially to the shows created and produced by Paul Henning, the Missouri native who perfected the art of the rural comedy.

Why do viewers, generation-after-generation, still watch these iconic television shows? 

Ernestine Sclafani Bayless, who is married to sports commentator Skip Bayless, may be classic TV’s biggest fan. She says, “I work for the largest PR agency in the world, I am a vice president in consumer media, I know every episode of Green Acres and The Beverly Hillbillies…and I wanted to be Linda Henning in Petticoat Junction. Why do we still watch? Folks want to escape into another place when watching TV. Just for a half hour, not everything needs to be true stories, crime, or those awful reality TV shows. Classic sitcoms have lasted 50-something years, viewers still watch them on Me TV and TV Land, and generation after generation will continue to tune in. These shows have passed the test of time because they have good solid writing, simple story lines, and superb acting–all to make people laugh.”

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Fans across the country share their love for the shows and reveal five reasons folks still love classic TV.