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From the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC to stages and ballrooms in London and Edinburg, Steve Scearcy has entertained and inspired audiences around the world.

Steve is a gifted storyteller who genuinely loves people, bringing a high-energy, feel-good vibe to every appearance. He combines storytelling, song-writing, and humorous musical performances with his ukulele to create a special event that attendees always remember with a smile.  His extensive background in entertainment includes writing and producing with Academy Award-winner Ernest Borgnine, working with sports legends Mohammad Ali and Hank Aaron, writing comedy specials with comedian Marty Allen, and more. Steve’s humorous books have been praised by Jeff Foxworthy, Midwest Book Review, Missouri Life, and his mother. 

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13 Midnights


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I Saw A Ghost-- And It Was Me is a hilarious encounter in the mirror when Steve sees himself and mistakes his aging image for his Grandfather.  The funny stuff doesn't stop there as he takes an urgent run toward recapturing his youth only to be stopped by a heartwarming revelation. 

Steve's monthly story collections for hometown newspapers come with author headshot, funny family-friendly article, matching funny image, and a companion video to be used across print, digital, and social platforms.  

Hometown humorist Steve Scearcy is brimming with small town stories about the life and times of living far, far away from the big city. Steve is a powerhouse mix of Jeff Foxworthy and Robert Fulghum, except Steve sings, plays a ukulele, and has a wildly distinctive laugh.


Timeless lessons for the good life.  Steve’s brand speaks to audiences in a uniquely personal way. His love of people is felt and audiences respond. Entertaining and informative, his warm style lets any audience relax and enjoy the moment.

‘Yeti and Me!’ elicits belly laughs with outrageous storytelling...

YETI and Me!

YETI AND ME! is a Netflix-style comedy performance that won Best of Fringe at the 2019 Kansas City Fringe Festival. Written by humor writer Steve Scearcy, the one-hour play features actress Marilyn Lynch as Betty, a suburban housewife searching for her scientist husband, a “Bigfoot believer.” Leveraging the power of an internet technology that she barely understands, Betty devises a madcap plan to host a Zoom meeting with the world, sharing her hopes and fears in rollicking good humor until she discovers an uplifting, life-changing truth. 


"Depend on actress Marilyn Lynch to select great pieces for her one-woman shows...an outlandishly funny story by Steve Scearcy about a woman in the wilderness in search of Yeti–and her husband Freddy."  ~KC Applauds