Bestselling Author Says: Travel Inspires the Creative Soul!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. A lot of folks are following Rebecca Forster on the internet but her 110,000+ TripAdvisor readers are following her to the ends of the earth – or at least to her next destination.


An avid traveler since being bitten by the travel bug on a business trip to China in 1983, Forster is now a TripAdvisor level 9 hotel expert, level 5 luxury hotel expert and a level 2 restaurant expert. She has earned 50+ TripAdvisor badges by reviewing places as close as her hometown coffee shop and as far away as Albanian castles.

“I love discovering places before they are well-known, so I don’t really have a favorite destination, just a favorite way to travel.” One of her favorite travel tips is not to be afraid to move off the beaten path. If an alley looks interesting, check it out – carefully, of course. That little family-run restaurant with an unpronounceable name just might have the best food you’ll ever taste.

A self-described bottomless pit of curiosity, Forster often uses her travels as inspiration for her best selling thrillers. The justice system of Albania intrigued her so much she used it as a premise for Eyewitness, a thriller about modern law colliding with ancient justice. Hawaii was another inspirational journey but not for the obvious reasons. “Most travelers think of Hawaii as a place to chill. I was fascinated by the hidden military history of the islands,” Forster said. She is quick to point out, however, that travel isn’t all work. Thankfully for her TripAdvisor and book fans, she just can’t help but be inspired by every place she visits…and that means writing about those places!

The Finn O’Brien Thriller series is set in Los Angeles where she digs into unusual neighborhoods across the sprawling county of Los Angeles. For Rebecca, restaurants are always the first stop in these close-to-home travel adventures. Maybe that’s why she’s a level 2 restaurant expert with TripAdvisor. Everyone has to eat – even her fictional characters.

Where is Forster’s next destination? She has a few places in mind and TripAdvisor readers will be the first to know where she lands.

Rebecca Forster started writing novels on a crazy dare.  

Now she is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author.  Rebecca lives in Southern California. She is married to a prominent Los Angeles Superior Court judge and is the mother of two grown sons.

Travel is a passion and when she is not writing you can find her on a tennis court, in front of a sewing machine or on the couch with a book in her hand.