The hit thriller series by Rebecca Forster is binge-worthy, and now fans around the globe have spoken with more than 7,000 reader reviews.

Readers use words like “Wow”, “Page Turner”, and “Must-Read.” But what they seem to love is that Rebecca is a stickler for realistic details. She has spent hundreds of hours observing trials, researching legal points, traveling halfway around the globe to explore ancient laws, and socializing with the movers and shakers who work in the California law enforcement community and court system.

Behind the compelling story lines, her books cast an educated yet objective eye on what she observes…and the insider knowledge shows in her fictional tales!

The Witness series offers a seven-book marathon for fans who love suspense and can’t get enough of the behind-the-scenes look at the law. The heroine is Josie Bates, a smart lawyer with a troubled past. Josie’s life is filled with courtroom conflicts that keep you on pins and needles, a non-traditional family who you’ll love, and twisting plot lines that are so psychologically intense that you can’t fall asleep until you finally run out of pages.

Originally published as a three-book mini series by Penguin Putnam, Forster wanted to do more. She expanded her series when she took back the rights to her work at the beginning of the Digital Revolution. Creatively free to advance the series by penning very character-centric, progressive works that broke the mold of traditional legal thrillers, Rebecca went in search of inspiration from unusual sources. Quickly finding her literary muse, she took readers from Los Angeles courtrooms to the dark corridors of government and mind control experiments, the ancient justice system of Albania and everywhere in between.