32 clients and colleagues have recommended me on LinkedIN, including these:


“Robin has a knack for finding the person in the brand! She enjoys working with creatives and business people who think outside the brick and mortar box. I gained so much knowledge by working with Robin on public relations and marketing, and trusted her skills on website design and launch. Friendly yet driven, Robin delivers what she promises and never backs away from an obstacle!” — Rosie Wolf Williams, was Robin’s client

“Robin is simply awesome! Her organization skills and drive for excellence were crucial during our course development project. If you are looking for an incredible source of positive energy Robin is the professional you are looking for!” — Thomas Strickler, President, Value Added Results, LLC, was with another company when working with Robin at Creative Center of America

“Robin is enthusiastic, smart, and original with her approach to solving career problems. It was rewarding on many levels to work with her and fun at the same time. I gained insights into my business and my business personalities (the many hats I work with–all of whom are me!) . I highly recommend Robin and will be going back to her for additional coaching, as needed, as I progress in changing the way I work.” — Jennifer Maybin, MA, ELS, was Robin’s client

“I took a series of three coaching sessions with Robin now that my writing career as a novelist is taking off and I’m looking at a book launch in 3 months. Robin absolutely focused where my attention should be to get the most out of the publicity that will be generated by the launch. She reviewed my website, my press kit, my social media as well as my schedule for the coming year from marketing to production to sales and industry connections. Robin is this writer’s best friend, and even better, she’s affordable and terrific value. I will work with Robin going forward. A coaching session with her is like strapping yourself to a rocket headed straight for the right target.” — Elaine Ash, was Robin’s client

“Robin is a very creative person who provides incredible print and graphic design for our organization.” — Jo Ellen Wurth, was Robin’s client

“Robin was instrumental for efficiency in the completion of a project involving many different groups. She was a great asset to the students in a Master’s level marketing class regarding the importance of creating materials worthy of a portfolio.” — Katrina Lapine, President, UMKC SIFE student organization, was with another company when working with Robin at PR THERAPY & MOJO REHAB

“Robin is a well respected professional in a variety of Marketing and Communications disciplines. She was a real asset in bringing our project from concept to product.” — Cotton Sivils, was Robin’s client

“I started Reel Life With Jane, home to my syndicated family movie & TV reviews, years ago, but it wasn’t until I hired Robin that things really started to take off. I’m a writer. That’s what I do. But running a business requires so much more — marketing, publicity, sales, bookkeeping, and putting systems in place to keep the business humming along day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Robin helped me bring all of that together in a customized way that works for me and my business. She also helped me to think outside the box, planting seeds and ideas that I never would have thought of myself — and then helping me to make those seeds and ideas a reality. Robin has been a lifesaver for me both professionally and personally.” — Jane Boursaw, was Robin’s client

“Robin is extremely effective in her ability to remain firm with her clients while keeping their best interest first, remaining encouraging, and sharing her wonderful sense of humor. Through Robin’s coaching sessions, I was able to gain focus, define my branding, and develop a strategy. Working with her has given me the foundation of a one-person business, and as an author, navigating the current publishing industry and selling books, I now have a fundamental understanding of my responsibility to succeed. I have the tools to move forward and grow my business. Robin truly is my PR Guru and secret weapon to success.” — Francene LaDue, was Robin’s client

“Worked with Robin on multiple projects. She is the only person I’ve met that I think has better insight into communication development than me ;). She clearly understands. Highly recommend…” — Lee Roesner, Owner, Paradigm Graphic Design & Web Development, was with another company when working with Robin at PR THERAPY & MOJO REHAB

“Robin has a unique system using right & left brain techniques to help draw out and clarify the issues all small business owners face. She helped me quickly establish which tasks I need to get working on first Page8 and also quickly give words to the conceptual process of bringing my business to the next level. Highly recommend her!” — Kathy Morelli, was Robin’s client

“Robin had specific assignments and great ideas to help get me on track. She was great to work with!” — Annie Logue, was Robin’s client

“Robin helped me focus the various components of my business into one, clean line. She was prompt, professional and jumped in quickly when asked. I look forward to working with her again.” — Lynn Goya, was Robin’s client

“I met Robin in her capacity as a publicist for author Marybeth Hicks and was so impressed with her energy, diligence and positivity. I had a chance to review her upcoming book, PR Therapy, which will serve as an invaluable, shot-in-the-arm guidebook for self-marketing.” — Suzette Martinez Standring, Author and Columnist, GateHouse News Service, worked directly with Robin at PR THERAPY

“Since I start working with Robin, my business is moving to next level. She has created beautiful brochure, business card, and website to re-brand my business. Now we are working for speaking engagement material. I actually has an offer already. Robin is true professional, and very personable. I was a little intimidated with her success first, but her down to earth personality made me ease. I highly recommend her to everyone. She will bring you RESULT, and people goes to National and beyond with her coaching. I know I will be there as well. Thank you, Robin.” — Mayumi Pachkoski, was Robin’s client

“I hired Robin in 2003 as a publicist to help me promote my non-fiction book–The Book of Latina Women: 150 Vidas of Passion, Strength & Success. With her incredible public relations knowledge, inventive approach and work ethic, she created a platform that launched me on a speaking circuit and helped me establish contacts that I treasure to this day. She gets to know you as a person so that she can build you up as a professional. Working with her was one of the best investments I’ve ever made–and I will continue to work with her on other projects in the future.” — Sylvia Mendoza, was Robin’s client

“Robin was a great public relations consultant. She helped me and my co-author publicize our book, The Spiritual Chicks Question Everything with enthusiasm and skill. I recommend her highly.” — Tami Coyne, was Robin’s client

“Robin Blakely was the publicist for my first book, Born on a Rotten Day. She worked closely with the in-house PR person at my publisher, Simon & Schuster to brainstorm, plan and coordinate events. I knew nothing about PR. Robin knew everything. She filled in the blanks, answered my question, and offered tips, encouragement, and support as I ventured out into the public eye. She listened to my ideas, understood my goals, and worked tirelessly on my behalf. Robin is professional and personable. She and her wonderful staff at Livingston Communications are dedicated to helping their clients succeed.” — Hazel Dixon-Cooper, was Robin’s client

“Robin is a professional in every way. Her follow up, knowledge and creativity is second-to-none. I have always enjoyed her professional input and her personal commitment in every task given. I am proud to know and to recommend Robin, she is one of the very best.” — Jay Duke, was Robin’s client

“Robin did a great job for me on a book release, preparing me and securing engagements and coverage. Even when the contract ran out, she fielded inquiries to me and helped me out. She’s very approachable, friendly, responsive, and generous with her time and advice–great to work with!” — Jenny Wade, Ph.D., was Robin’s client

“Robin put me on the map, securing pr for me in national magazines, television and radio as well as speaking engagements. She is, quite simply, the best PR person I have ever met. Rebecca Forster, author” — Rebecca Forster, was Robin’s client

“Robin is a creative and enthusiastic public relations professional who goes the extra mile for her clients. She is always encouraging, full of bright ideas, and often adds an extra idea twist to help her clients reach their desired audience and PR goals. I would love to work with Robin again, and I recommend her to other authors, professionals, and businesspeople who are seeking an edge in their PR and marketing. Sincerely Yours, Dr. Alexander Avila” — Alex Avila, was Robin’s client

“I was introduced to Robin while programming talent at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books when she was promoting authors. Her diligence in achieving success for her clients in an extremely competitive environment and always knowing their work inside and out, while maintaining a cheerful disposition, was refreshing to say the least. I still find her enthusiasm, go-get-it attitude and drive to be incredibly inspiring.” — Meg Mathisen, Programming Manager / Copy Writer, Los Angeles Times, was with another company when working with Robin at Livingston Communications

“Robin has brilliant ideas to improve your marketability and works hard to get you noticed! In the crowded world of PR, she’s a definite stand out. If you’d like to get attention, for your book or your business, hire Robin. I highly recommend her.” — Stacey Wolf James, was Robin’s client

“Robin is brilliant! She’s an expert in book publicity, and more than that in seeing the book publicity as part of the whole in mapping out a career. Robin helped me hone in on what my goals were and work efficiently toward reaching them. She’s a pro and she’s also adorable! And by adorable I mean fun. professional, consistent, reliable and just a lovely, classy lady to work with. Hire her. You’ll thank me.” — Marybeth Hicks, was Robin’s client

“Robin is organized, goal-oriented, and measures the results of her work. Works well with diverse people to focus their efforts toward a common measurable goal.” — David Hooper, Medicare Couselor, Shepherd’s Center, worked directly with Robin at Shepherd’s Center Central

“Robin is extremely knowledgeable about public relations. She has creative and edgy ideas and works very hard to help her clients reach their goals.” — Tara Delaney, was Robin’s client

“Through her company Get There Media, Robin and her partner June took a fresh look at the website I was using in 2009, and they helped plan a design that gave more variety and clearer options to readers: www.americacomesalive.com. I’ve been using the site for about 6 months now, and the plan they gave me has permitted plenty of room for growth.” — Kate Kelly, was Robin’s client

“Robin is an outstanding, get it done, follow-through professional. She is 150% dependable and her work product is also outstanding. Her knowledge about her field and her contacts are very impressive.” — Steve Cohen Ed.D., Partner/President, Labor Management Advisory Group, worked directly with Robin at Get There Media

“Robin’s vision for communicating specific messages with the media, stakeholders, clients and the general community is shear genius. She is a compassionate professional with unmatched skills and expertise.” — Danielle Robbins-Gregory, Director of Quality Improvement, ReDiscover, worked directly with Robin at ReDiscover

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Clients Have Included:

~Partner at one of New York’s most distinguished law firms, McLaughlin & Stern.

~Advertising Executives including Past President/Director at Doyle, Dane, Bernbach; McCann-Erickson; and Foote, Cone & Belding

~Disney Executives

~Columnists for Cosmopolitan magazine, PsychologyToday.com, Parade.com, and Huffington Post

~Product co-created by ‘Father of Cognitive Therapy’

~Past Vice-President, Neiman Marcus

~Top-selling Authors of USA TODAY, NY TIMES, and Amazon bestsellers

~Publishers or authors with books published by Simon & Schuster, Warner, HCI, Sourcebooks, Pocket, Paraview, Penguin, Kensington, and more

~CEO’s of multiple charitable groups

~Spokespeople for QVC, Kraft, Hershey’s, Listerine, Crest, and more

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The following audio clips feature interviews with national speaker Ann Atkins, fundraising chairwoman
Mary Beth Hershey, USA Today bestselling novelist Rebecca Forster, award-winning author Judith Claire,
and celebrated fine artist Tina Garrett.