Success Has A Storyline

Creative Center of America’s Robin Blakely is the creator of STORYography Cards, a trademarked tool to help creatives in every profession develop their talent-driven brands and build successful businesses.

“I tell my clients a simple message about their work,” explains Blakely, who is CCA’s CEO and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

Blakely says, “You can make a solid living from your talent.  Your ideas are worth exploring and developing. A real storyline for success does exist and it is possible to make it your own.”

With more than two decades of extensive professional experience helping organizations define their goals and potential, Blakely developed STORYography Cards by bringing together the worlds of game play and brainstorming and introducing them into the business planning process. 

Often, says Blakely, when business advisers and gurus talk about the necessity of having a vision, what they are really talking about is understanding one’s story.

“It doesn’t matter what profession we are talking about, there’s a storyline to every business,” she explains. “When you’re planning your business, what you’re really doing is writing a storyline. Every business has one, and I use this method to help my clients understand it and feel empowered to pursue it.”

With the STORYography Cards process, Blakely helps people in familiar, traditional creative industries (such as writing, painting and music) as well as in all kinds of non-profit organizations and for-profit companies give story and structure to their plans for the future. The goal is to help individuals cut through fear and uncertainty, separate the facts from fiction in their plans, and plot a clear path that will provide them with reassurance and peace of mind, too.

Blakely’s past clientele who have found success with this process include best-selling authors, high-demand speakers, fine artists, and graphic designers, not to mention a wide range of organizations struggling to understand their “why” and their future goals.

“My professional experiences have taught me one essential truth,” Blakely says.  “Every success has a storyline.  The magic part is taking the time to lovingly craft it in a way that is truly authentic for every person.”