Mystery Author Featured

Creative Center of America is proud to announce that R. T. Jordan, author of the comical and thrilling Polly Pepper mystery series, is featured in a series of three articles in InD’tale magazine, in which he shares what it’s like to work in show business in Hollywood.

With over 60,000 monthly readers, InD’tale is a book industry magazine tailored to writers and readers with a focus on spotlighting fantastic finds from smaller publishers that boast talent, drive, and creativity, such as Amalfi Books.

Author R.T.Jordan makes use of his signature witty, tongue-in-cheek style throughout the series of articles as he relays the work-related anecdotes from real life that serve as the foundation for his Polly Pepper mystery novels. His behind-the-scenes look at his corporate career at Disney range from the frustrations of getting his work approved by a long chain of command to close encounters with celebrities.

The first of Jordan’s series of articles, published in the March edition of InD’tale, serves as a great overview of Jordan’s career in publicity writing for Disney. His descriptions of feeling like a pawn as two of his higher-ups disagree over the quality of one of his pieces, with the higher-ranked member’s approval winning out, can definitely be pointed to as inspiration for the manipulative, ruthless Hollywood world of Polly Pepper.

In the second of Jordan’s articles, appearing in the April edition of InD’tale, he reveals some of the more complex interpersonal workings of the glamorous Hollywood life. He begins by detailing his excitement to find himself forging a friendship with Ella Raines, a classic movie star. “I was delighted by Ella’s adventures,” he writes. “She was amused by my starry-eyed naiveté.” While he and Raines built a genuine friendship founded on trust, Jordan quickly discovered that not everyone with similar social leverage wields it with such grace and dignity. He resolves his own inability to respond to uncomfortable and inappropriate situations through Polly’s ability to improvise a snappy reply in any situation, saying thoughtfully that authors “write the types of people we would love to be.”

Jordan’s final article in this series, from InD’tale’s May edition, focuses on the unique relationship between celebrity and fan, and what it means to be one or the other. He does this through vignette depictions of his fan-encounters with Barry Manilow and Cliff Robertson, as well as his devastated response to the untimely and shocking death of Karen Carpenter. Heartfelt and genuine, Jordan clearly understands the importance of both the humanity of celebrities and the specific kind of love felt by what he refers to as a “true-blue fan.”