Media Room Management

Celebrating National Mental Health Awareness Month across Kansas City

Creative Center of America was tapped again to be the creative force behind the media room at the Mental Health KC 2019 Conference at the Cerner Innovations Campus

Suicide is a growing problem in the United States, which is why Creative Center of America is so passionate about amplifying the voices of leading mental health advocates to help reach those who need hope and help.

During the full-day conference at the Cerner Innovations Campus in Kansas City, more than 500 parents, teachers,and health professionals gathered to learn more about access to resources for students and family members.

The event featured internationally renowned keynote speaker David W. Covington, who spearheads the international initiatives Crisis Now and Zero Suicide; and suicide prevention advocate Kevin Hines, who survived a suicide attempt jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. More than 20 subject matter experts covered a spectrum of topics ranging from well-being and anxiety to suicide prevention and opioid addiction.

Creative Center of America was proud to boost the signal through outreach that included traditional and social media opportunities as well as other strategic communications tactics.

Robin Blakely led the team in developing the Email Outreach Strategy for Influencers and Partners. This campaign networked influencers across multiple organizations including the Metro Council which represents Kansas City’s mental health system. For internal use, creative collateral included targeted direct email letters.

For external use, Creative Center of America built a website landing page for the event that centralized promotional details, speaker videos, registration links, and event agenda details, as well as connecting the Facebook pages for the conference and the pre-conference events that Creative Center of America launched and managed that linked to registration.

On top of this, Creative Center of America developed an onsite media room at the conference which provided a check-in station for traditional media outlets to access experts and keynote speakers onsite.

Creative Center of America contacted all news outlets across the metro, working with segment producers and news desks to coordinate access to Cerner’s secure campus that required advance passes. The promotional result was more than 14 segments from TV and newspaper outlets including extended coverage from reporter Kathy Quinn of Fox 4 who did multiple live segments across the pre-event morning hours. The Kansas City Star also covered the event as well as suburb coverage from Lee’s Summit Tribune and faith coverage from Faith Matters blogger Bill Tammeus.

Keeping the conversation going before and across the event, Creative Center of America created the event’s Social Wall platform for sharing discussions at the convention on a 50 inch monitor .

The Social Wall promoted hashtags #MentalHealthKC and #MHKC19 to amplify the message to anyone struggling with mental illness. The strategy was incorporated into the Cerner app for conference attendees. The Social Wall ignited hope and offered help to those who could not attend the event. The messaging directed individuals in need of services to, the crisis intervention hotline managed 24-hours a day by CommCARE. It also highlighted messages to instill greater understanding of mental health issues for the entire community, including those not attending the conference.

Robin Blakely of Creative Center of America stated “We are passionate about advocating mental health and instilling hope for those who desperately need it."

Robin explained, "Creative Center of America built a strategy with the conference planners so that breakout sessions by subject matter experts were included in the Social Wall.

We specifically asked room hosts and attendees to post on Twitter and Facebook at each session. Individual posts were planned every hour so that people outside of the event got important information as it broke. Every speaker was highlighted in posts that illustrated their sessions.”

The event concluded with a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the fight for mental health. Creative Center of America was proud to make the message loud and clear for those in the Kansas City area and across the United States.

Wish you were there?

Check out two of the videos created by Creative Center of America for a special peek onto the conference floor.

Internationally known speaker and advocate Kevin Hines is a suicide-attempt survivor and suicide prevention speaker. He survived jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge in 2000 in a suicide attempt. 

Internationally known speaker and advocate David W. Covington leads the international initiatives CRISIS NOW and ZERO SUICIDE.

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