Fear-Less Marketing for Creatives

The Light of Your Creativity Can Shine from Every Part of Who You Are…Not Just From Your Work, but Also From Your Marketing Tactics.

That longing to connect with kindred spirits often comes with a lonely sense that there is a huge and hazy distance between yourself and the audience you dream about. Even if you know where they are located, these groups of real people sometimes seem impossibly far away. Don’t despair. Your audience is out there. You can connect with your fans. We will show you the way.This workshop teaches writers and artists about honoring the creative identity, developing natural talent and skill, and, most importantly, taking solid control of one’s own professional dreams. The marketing strategy discussed focuses on choosing the audience niches for your brand.  As an artist or writer you must eventually confront and conquer the Troll (your fears) to succeed at marketing. Prepare the path for you and your audience to connect.Create the specific doorways for fans to buy your products, buy your services, or to recommend you.Enjoy the larger impact of successful marketing…how sharing your creative treasures with people who care about your work is part of the grand design for creative success

PRESENTER: ROBIN BLAKELY A top business coach for talent-driven brands, Robin Blakely has an extensive background in strategic planning and business development. Robin’s business books include: PR Therapy; Six Hats; and Crossing the Troll Bridge: A Marketing Guide for Artists and Writers. The creator of STORYography Cards, Robin is the CEO of Creative Center of America and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Her clients include writers, artists, companies, and causes that are powered by talent and passion.

AUDIENCE: Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Writers, Artists,Small Business Owners