It's A Wonderful Launch

Film-Related Book Gets the Star Treatment at Popular Movie Theater

Working with author G. L. Gooding to promote his literary continuation of the classic holiday film “It’s A Wonderful Life,” Creative Center of America organized an ambitious promotional campaign for movie fans and mystery lovers.

The campaign took place across the holiday season, so the team took advantage of the seasonal popularity of the film.

An especially exciting aspect of the campaign was partnering with The Alamo Drafthouse theater in Kansas City. At a special screening of “It’s a Wonderful Life” over 200 movie goers received a free promotional copy of Fresh Snow on Bedford Falls in eBook format. The cinema also announced the book’s release prior to the film’s screening, and one lucky guest received a themed gift basket as part of the live entertainment before the show.

In addition, Creative Center of America held a podcast party hosted by humorist Steve Scearcy and author G.L. Gooding that featured special guests who included Jimmy Hawkins, child actor from the film, and Mary Owen, daughter of film star Donna Reed.

The podcast was titled “It’s A Wonderful Weekend” and gave listeners the chance to hear rare anecdotes from the production of the film as well as how it impacted those involved later on in their lives.

Jimmy Hawkins recalls the unique experience of being a child on set and in the presence of Hollywood stars Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, and Lionel Barrymore, as well as the humorous events of the wrap party picnic.

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Mary Owen relays stories of her mother, Donna Reed, who sadly passed away before the film’s now-iconic status popularity had really taken off, but who did get the chance to see the popularity begin to rise.

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Social media campaigns also featured in the book launch, with Facebook and Twitter events. Paperback copies of Fresh Snow on Bedford Falls were provided for the Donna Reed Museum Christmas event, held at the beautiful Donna Reed Heritage Museum, which celebrates and commemorates the film star’s life and career.