Health Literacy

Information about health and wellness needs to be accessible and easily understood--first by health professionals and then by the people who need treatment for issues they may not fully understand.

Creative Center of America (CCA) promotes the need for health literacy through Healthy Work and Home, a CCA channel designed to promote and celebrate wellness information .

“We are passionate about helping people find the resources and the information they need to live healthy lives and create healthy work spaces by designing materials that help access, protect, and promote good health.,” explained CCA CEO Robin Blakely.

Blakely said, “We’ve been fortunate to work with so many passion-filled people who are directly positioned on the front lines of health and well-being."

CCA creates websites, videos, rack cards, social media campaigns, and strategic communications tools that are used by health professionals who include doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, hospital staff, and community mental health professionals, as well as the materials directly shared with patients and their families.

"Our goal," Blakely shared, "is to make sure that every organization offers people clear and useful communication when they are at their most vulnerable. Our work is about helping remove the fear from health-related situations by providing clarity. We know that people who are under emotional or physical stress need extra help finding and navigating the path toward wellness. We make every effort to use familiar concepts, accurate words, and relatable images in ways that make sense to the people who must process this information and make decisions that can dramatically impact their lives."

CCA is tapping into its diverse client base—which includes major programs, health initiatives, and resource networks—to raise awareness for health literacy and celebrate wellness. Programs, nonprofits, and businesses like, CommCARE, Alternatives EAP, Greater Lee's Summit Healthcare Foundation, Healthy Kids KC, and EPICC are some of CCA's clients who are changing the face of community health by helping individuals find, use and understand information that impact wellness at work and at home.