Business Event at Museum

Coming this fall! The Fun is Powerful Symposium by Creative Center of America (CCA) is scheduled for September 27, 2019. The Symposium's unique location is hardly unintentional--the business event will be held at The National Museum of Toys/Miniatures.

What does a museum focused on toys have to do with business success? Everything.

"This fabulous museum is the perfect place to be inspired about the value of guided fun," said Robin Blakely, CEO of Creative Center of America. "We are focused on developing success for business brands. The path to innovation starts with a framework for fun that borrows from traditional game board design and builds creative momentum through the power of fun. No one celebrates fun, play, game boards, and imagination better than the National Museum of Toys/Miniatures in Kansas City."

The Fun is Powerful Symposium employs a game model to show how every business under the sun can derive new energy—and new innovative possibilities—by tapping into the principles of fun and playfulness. Like traditional game boards, the game model has defined roles, general rules, and focused goals. The Symposium's fun is guided by a carefully designed framework that transforms the concept of brand-building into a real-world application.

“Playing a game is different than seeing a chart or reading about a process," Blakely explained.  "When you play games, you have a real memory associated with the experience that is more personal—it’s something you actually did.  When you play a board game, it requires you to transcend the situation at hand and imagine yourself in the landscape. We have developed a game board that is tied to brand development...playing it ignites your imagination. Fun truly becomes powerful--it not only makes conceptual ideas more visually clear but it also can burn through preconceived notions that may have previously resulted in self-limiting behavior."

Symposium attendees will encounter an interactive game board based on CCA’s trademarked Storyography Cards and its ACE model.  They’ll also have a chance to see a game in action.  CCA is bringing together a group of talented business leaders at the Symposium to use this game-like process in a real-world exercise: to help a Kansas City-based nonprofit that is in need of a branding strategy. 

“We want this to be a free learning opportunity for everyone involved,” Blakely said. “One of Creative Center of America's commitments is to create events that benefit the entire community. We are thrilled that the museum is providing such a perfect setting for this totally fun event. We are delighted by the cast of players that are donating their time and expertise to the project.”