Celebrating Talent

While news outlets in recent years have lamented that the nation (and the world) suffers from “a creativity gap,” ePick Magazine begs to differ, reminding us that the world is full of creative talent.  It all depends on where you look.

Created by Creative Center of America (CCA), this magazine showcases writers, humorists, painters, and musicians alongside other individuals who have discovered unique ways to cultivate their voices and develop their muses.  

In its pages you will find profiles of people who have built a creative brand based on their passion for cooking, for instance, or baking, Classic TV shows, fairy tales, digital technology, and much more.

What do all of the people featured in ePick Magazine have in common?  A passion for storytelling, and a special story to tell.

“CCA is dedicated to showing people that the word ‘creative’ applies to so much more than they probably realize,” explains CEO Robin Blakely, “and ePick Magazine is an ideal venue for delivering and celebrating that message.”

The magazine’s name is no exaggeration, either.  Today isn’t just a golden age for creativity, it’s an “epick” time for writers, artists, and talent-driven brands.