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Bake it Happen in Your Industry

How can bakers, bakery suppliers, and baking-related organizations and associations successfully use social media?

According to Robin Blakely, CEO of Creative Center of America (CCA), the key to social media success in the baking industry involves the same elements used on any bakery production line: goals, planning, a timeline, and a target market. 

Blakely said she hopes to eliminate the mystique—and intimidation—that many in the baking industry sometimes feel when they think about social media.

“The Baking industry is a very relationship-driven industry, and many baking professionals prefer face-to-face conversations or a phone call,” Blakely said. “But the social media landscape is too valuable to ignore or pass off to an intern to handle. It’s a big part of the way the world does business. I help baking businesses feel empowered, not uncomfortable, about their social media.”

As a public speaker and as a coach/consultant who leads workshops including Recipe for Success, Blakely and the CCA team provide a tailored, in-depth approach to the steps necessary for creating a successful social media presence that will help expand their customer base and find new audiences.

Along with guiding them in the use of various social media platforms, Blakely teaches businesses about the importance of creating connections (through brand recognition, professional development, and much more) and the powerful impact that regular, intentional engagement will have on every facet of their business operations and performance.

The Recipe for Success workshop helps baking industry clients in another important area: how to use social media to maximize their presence at industry trade shows. 

“Trade shows are an awesome opportunity,” Blakely explains.  “Trade shows and social media are a winning combination when it comes to making an impact on-line and face-to-face simultaneously.”

Through a variety of exercises, strategies, and analyses, CCA gives small businesses and companies what they need most: a focus on enhanced goals, sales, and external outreach in order to measure their performance and take their businesses to the next level.

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