Workshop by Robin


The only activity that people claim to hate more than death and taxes is public speaking. So, what can you do when you can’t avoid a presentation? Discover a strategy for surviving presentations, how to deal with hostile and negative questions, how to transition communication efforts to align with the realities of Facebook, blogs, and cell phone cameras; and how to deal with annoying and difficult people in the audience, including your own employees.

PRESENTER: ROBIN BLAKELY Robin Blakely is the CEO of Creative Center of America, a business development company that leverages publicity to increase business growth for brands. Robin offers a multitude of highly specialized services that include planned coaching and publicity management. She also designs and builds work infrastructures for business teams and creates the communications collateral to support them. Robin develops comprehensive Social Media Campaigns that include set-up, strategy, and branded content. She provides full video production and frequently creates ghosted articles, press kits, bios, newsletters, and scripts.

AUDIENCE: CEO’s, Executive DIrectors, Department Directors Appropriate for Mixed Levels of Experience