Creative Career Workshop

STORYography Cards:  From Big Idea to Marketing Success

You CAN make a solid living from your creative talent. But, first, you have to write or re-write the storyline for the success of your talent-driven brand. Top coach Robin Blakely, CEO of Creative Center of America and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, shows you how to bring structure—and a sense of peace—to the common chaos of your creative career. First, you’ll discover the Six Hats Method, a story-based way to finally understand the important areas of your professional platform. Then you’ll play a career-changing round of STORYography Cards, a game-like process to define your brand. Prepare for sudden enlightenment—just as Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey defines a universal path for crafting stories, STORYography Cards define a universal path for the critical stages of your brand’s promotion. Bring your imagination…the business side of creativity has never been this fun and profitable.

PRESENTER: ROBIN BLAKELY A top business coach for talent-driven brands, Robin Blakely has an extensive background in strategic planning and business development. Robin’s business books include: PR Therapy; Six Hats; and Crossing the Troll Bridge: A Marketing Guide for Artists and Writers. The creator of STORYography Cards, Robin is the CEO of Creative Center of America and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Her clients include writers, artists, companies, and causes that are powered by talent and passion.

AUDIENCE: Business-Minded Creatives; Writers, Artists, and More. Appropriate for all career stages; mixed levels of experience.