Six Hats Method

Most of the time you have to wear a lot of Hats to keep your career afloat. Some of the Hats you love. Some of the Hats you hate. Some Hats you may not have even discovered yet. Your many Hats may seem like a problem for you now, but they are about to become a real solution. Things literally begin to change when you focus on your Hats and begin to view your particular working situation in this surprisingly fun and simple new way: You only have one Head. The success of your career will require you to wear six important Hats. It’s not impossible to juggle the six Hats if your Head clearly understands the purpose, the goals, and the required needs of each Hat. Finally! The answers that writers, artists, and small business talents need to survive and thrive as a one-person-business. ♦   Discover how to interpret conflicting emotions that can cause you to doubt your inner wisdom. ♦   Explore ways to leverage your creativity to succeed in a predominantly Left-Brained business world. ♦   Learn how to objectively evaluate your skill gaps and jumpstart progress in areas that have held you back 

The Six Hats Method is a unique system using right and left brain thinking techniques to help draw out and clarify the issues all one-person business owners face.

PRESENTER: ROBIN BLAKELY A top business coach for talent-driven brands, Robin Blakely has an extensive background in strategic planning and business development. Robin’s business books include: PR Therapy; Six Hats; and Crossing the Troll Bridge: A Marketing Guide for Artists and Writers. The creator of STORYography Cards, Robin is the CEO of Creative Center of America and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Her clients include writers, artists, companies, and causes that are powered by talent and passion.

AUDIENCE: Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Writers, Artists,Small Business Owners