The Navy is always looking for a few good men – and women as the case may be – and they found one in author Rebecca Forster.  Asked to apply to the Navy’s Leaders to Sea Program, Forster jumped at the chance.

Rebecca says, “I wasn’t completely clear about the program. But, seriously, how can you say ‘no’ to the Navy? I filled out the application and waited to see what would happen.”

She soon found out that Leaders to Sea is an outreach program that helps the Navy tell its story by inviting community leaders to experience life on a ship. In Forster’s case that ship was the oldest nuclear battleship in the fleet, the U.S.S. Nimitz that boasts 4.5 acres of flight deck and 5,000 personnel.

Surprised and honored by the special invitation, Forster was intrigued by the adventure. Her father had been in the Navy and the picture of him in his Navy uniform was an image that her whole family treasures. She had always been curious about his time in service.

Forster and landed by tail hook on the flight deck just as the Navy pilots were going through their paces. From the moment she arrived, Forster never stopped running as her hosts gave her access to everything from the bomb making facilities to the mess hall. The experience turned out to be deeply meaningful on a personal level and as a professional endeavor. “The more I experience, the richer my books become. Visiting the U.S.S. Nimitz was just the kind of opportunity I crave. In fact, the impact was profound.”

With her feet firmly on dry land again, Rebecca says, “I am so impressed with the Navy, so filled with pride in my country, and so grateful to all those who serve.”

A prolific writer with more than two dozen books to her name, Rebecca chose only one word to express her admiration for the Navy and the Leaders to Sea program: INSPIRATIONAL.