Shy Genius Finally in the Spotlight

Jackson County Historical Society found an unpublished manuscript in its archives about TV icon Paul Henning, written by his wife Ruth. Now, in an innovative publishing project, JCHS and the Mid-Continent Public Library have published a delightful memoir.

AND the whole thing is causing quite a stir….just the way his wife always dreamed it could be.



Below are some of the headlines!


An unpublished bio of TV Legend Paul Henning, written by his wife has been unearthed! The book, titled The First Beverly Hillbilly: The Untold Story of the Creator of Rural TV Comedy, will at last be published. Watch the Beverly Hillbillies on MeTV!

READ! Ruth's Dream

Ruth Henning had a story to tell more than a generation ago, and this month that story makes to the public, thanks to the Mid-Continent Public Library and the Jackson County Historical Society.

CLICK! Paul's Story

Critics hated it. Viewers didn’t. It was the No. 1 rated show, according to the Nielsen ratings, in 1962-63 and 1963-64 and stayed in the top 12 for the next five years.

READ! Paul's Journey to Hollywood

Fans of the "The Beverly Hillbillies" will now get a behind-the-scenes look at the show and its creator, Paul Henning,The couple's journey from the Midwest to Hollywood.

LISTEN! KCUR radio guest Linda Henning

Sitcom star Linda Henning played Betty Jo Bradley in PETTICOAT JUNCTION. Linda is the daughter of Paul Henning. She is the spokesperson for her late mother's warm memoir about her family.

CLICK FOR DETAILS! Henning Tribute

It's a book launch. The event is FREE. Come enjoy the good company and hear stories about Paul and Ruth Henning. We also plan a "group sing" of theme song Henning wrote for the Beverly Hillbillies "The Ballad of Jed Clampbett" to celebrate the occasion.