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Transitional Re-Framing of Situations 

Comprehensive PR and Marketing



This special work arrangement is custom designed to meet the master-level needs of the noted professional creative or industry expert. Strong attention is paid to delicate protocols and complicated licensing issues. Baselines are quickly established, skill gaps identified, and strategies mobilized. Participants discover new ways to achieve high-level publicity to reach goals to generate revenue.

Personalized Premium Care
Coaching and Access to Industry Mentors
Premium Creative Collateral
PR and Biz Development Strategy
Custom Media List and Outreach
Social Media Content Curation
Premium e-Blasts
Personal Support Time Included

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We can shave years off the effort.  We help when you have a bookor you are ready to produce a creative productand you really need to know how to make it all part of your big-picture marketing plan.

You need a special kind of support–we offer it.  

If you are entering the creative realm with a book or other intellectual property based on deep experience and master-level knowledge, we can help you leap forward immediately. From concept to launch to the stages beyond, we can fast-walk you to an epiphany about building your own talent–driven brand.  If you are an established writer or artist who is struggling to find your way through the rapidly changing landscape, we can help you find your footing.

You’ll discover how to produce and market books, lectures, seminars, or other types of programming in an effort to meet the authentic needs of your target market. If you don’t have your target market super-defined, we’ll make sure you become crystal clear about who you are serving (and why) so that your brand fits your real desires.   If your brand needs to be refreshed for digital markets, we can help you re-frame your past success to work in today’s marketplace.

We ‘cut to the chase’ rapidly.  If you are used to high-speed, high-wire interaction, you’ll appreciate how we do what it takes to really watch out for you.  We are kind and honest communicators who think strategically.  We will tell you exactly what we think and why…and we’ll listen to you and be responsive–a real team effort.  We offer a guided approach to each stage of business development.  We developed the illustrated map (above and to the right of your screen) to help you understand the marketing path ahead.  We tailor this road map to your unique situation so you don’t get lost along the way. We help you leverage your vast past experience, define and align your cross-over skill sets, and mobilize your contacts…with care and sensitivity to your personal and professional environments.

Our work with you is tailored to meet you where you are and help you move forward.  We have designed some critical service packages to help you visualize the support in planned increments.  Sometimes, clients follow the packages and sometimes they ask us to tailor our approach more closely to their specific time frames. Either way, you always know exactly what to expect and how much it will cost.

Reach out and we will schedule a free chat to help you make your professional dreams happen–faster.


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