What better way to kick off the New Year than to hear from your German publisher that the first book in your bestselling thriller series has reached another major milestone.

That’s exactly what happened to USA TODAY bestselling author Rebecca Forster when Amazon Crossings, the German publisher of Hostile Witness, reached out to celebrate: “On behalf of the entire Amazon Crossing Team, we would like to thank you for being such a great partner! We are so happy about all the success you have had so far, and all the success to come…”

HOSTILE WITNESS, which is called “Gefährliche Zeugin” in German – has now reached over 30,000 German readers.

“I was especially thrilled,” Forster says, “because my mom is very proud of this book. She grew up in Germany and it is very special for her to have this translation of my work.”

As for Rebecca, she is looking forward to connecting with many more readers in Germany with her stories of strong, intelligent women who tackle life’s challenges with determination and grit – much like her own German mom.

Find out more about Rebecca at www.RebeccaForster.com