As a young man mowing George Brett’s lawn, Jim Cosgrove didn’t know that he would one day hear the great home-run hitter and third baseman remark that he’s“an inspiring writer.” George didn’t know it either—at the time he was more impressed with Jim’s yardwork.

What a difference a few decades can make!

Since then, Jim Cosgrove, the man known to thousands as Mr. Stinky Feet, has built a nationally recognized career as a children’s entertainer and a journalist, dazzling audiences of all ages across a variety of media.

Fans of Jim’s enchanting worldview include many notables like Kansas City Mayor Sly James, Mid-Continent Public Library Director Steven V. Potter, and fellow writers Phyllis Theroux and Joe Posnanski.

Mayor Sly James says that Jim, “has captured the hearts and minds of kids and parents all across the country. Kansas City is lucky to call Jim one of our own.”

New York Times Bestselling Author Joe Posnanski offered the praise, “Jim’s a treasure, and his book is pure, concentrated Jim Cosgrove, no additives or preservatives.”

Essayist and Memoirist Phyllis Theroux says, “Jim Cosgrove lives and writes from his heart …in this lovely collection of essays about being human on a daiy basis.” 

JIm’s childhood employer, Baseball Hall of Famer George Brett, cheers him on: “Jim Cosgrove has come a long way–from the young man mowing my yard to an inspiring writer!”