Start at the Center!

Creative Center of America’s Creative Academy is a 5-week program that specializes in business development for writers, artists, and their support teams.

Each session is 90 minutes long and packed with how-to advice and immediately usable tools. 

Our mission is to provide guided growth for creatives at the critical foundational stages of starting out or starting over. We teach writers, artists, and creative individuals how to build solid platforms. More than theory, our comprehensive training sessions build momentum toward a final objective designed to boost your PR efforts. Our ‘Buzz Day’ finale supports you and your team with social media placement and also garners eligibility for your inclusion in e-blasts that will expose your brand to top-level traditional media outlets.  

Groups are kept small.  Candidates must apply to participate.

Session One: Baselines

GOAL: Pinpoint where you stand in the landscape of your professional dreams. Two things matter most: where you are and where you want to be. Without guidance, people can wander for decades in the labyrinth that exists between the two points. You wonder where you are in the big picture.  We can show you how close and how far you really stand. Clarity regarding timing and pace is essential for success. We are interested in accelerating your creative career, so we focus on these four facets:

  • Biz Development
  • PR
  • Marketing
  • Career Trajectory

Session Two: Road Map Marketing

Goal: Precisely identify your target market and define the distinct sales paths toward success. Two things matter most: the people who comprise your audience and the path they must take for engagement.  For writers, that means: who are your readers, where will they find your books, and how will they buy them?  For artists, that means: who are your fans, how will they discover your artwork, and how will they buy what you make?  For support teams, that means: what steps can you take to build the infrastructure for the talent-driven brand to move ahead in a consistent manner? When you see the big picture clearly, you will become mobilized. To accelerate your progress, we focus on these three things:

  • Identifying Your Top Four Niches
  • Understanding the In’s and Out’s of the Process
  • Mapping Your Marketing Path 

Session Three: Communication Tools

Goal: Understand what you have and what you need to articulate.  Two things matter most: what you need to say and what people want or need to hear.  Like any other project or job, having the right tools at hand will help you succeed. We share details about the communication tools you need most, jump-start your efforts with templates for layout and design, and provide details about when to use and how. To accelerate your efforts, we focus on the following:

  • Bio/Profile
  • About the Book or About the Art
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • Reviews
  • Canned Article

Session Four: Promotional Calendar

Goal: Build a useful strategy that makes sense for you and your particular market place.  Two things matter most: the plan must be simple enough for you to follow and strong enough to get the results you really need.  You can’t predict every move ahead of time but you can make logical choices that will help you showcase your work and give enough prep time to pull everything off.

  • Social Media Goals
  • Traditional Media Goals
  • Time-saving Techniques

Session Five: Buzz Day

Goal: Expedite your promotional journey.  Three things matter most: You need to have a real plan, the right tools, and the ability to take real action. This can feel overwhelming. So, we assist by making sure that your newly polished efforts are nurtured and curated. ‘Buzz Day’ is designed for us to use the power of our connections to  shine the spotlight on you. We support your social media placement and provide limited inclusion in e-blasts designed to expose your brand to top-level traditional media outlets. We focus on PR readiness for social media and traditional media.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Magazine
  • Radio
  • TV

The Creative Academy is a 5-week program with professional training and time-saving templates offered in a private, but group setting. Groups are kept small. Candidates must apply to participate. Individual Support Available. Whether you are starting out or starting over, this is a career-changing process that empowers you to make the most out of your talent, time, and creativity.