Hosted by The National Museum of Toys /Miniatures, our Fun is Powerful Symposium transformed the concept of brand-building into a real-world application in a powerfully fun way. We built a three-dimensional gameboard to make business applications both strategic and highly actionable.  In a matter of minutes rather than months, the game-like process provides a comprehensive game board that is visually understandable, tailored to the specific brand,  and outlines the path for a multi-stage communications branding strategy.  

For the Symposium on September 27th, our focus was on a very special nonprofit with a New York Times best-selling book. We  arranged for a group of Kansas City-based leaders to engage in our game-like process:

  • Sean Casserley, County Librarian, Johnson County Library

  • Dave Burns, Story Center Publication Manager, Mid-Continent Public Library

  • Kent Van Amberg, Executive Director American Society of Baking

  • Terry Trafton, CEO, CommCARE and

  • Lucinda Noches Talbert, Vice President of Operations, KC Healthy Kids

  • Jessica Pryor, Marketing Partner, Behavioral Health - Client & Integrated Marketing, Cerner

  • Leslie Carto, External Communications Director, PR/Marketing, Truman Medical Centers

  • Larry O’Renick, behavioral health counselor

  • Ann Ditty, non-denominational chaplain


The Creative Center of  America team:

  • Robin Blakely

  • Melanie Geiss

  • Garrett Stroginis

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