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Steve Cohen Ed.D

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Bully Navigator

The Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Protecting Your Child  from Bullying and Sexual Violence at School

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If you have a student who has been victimized while at school, the how-to info in this book will help you navigate the unique parent path between child, school, and the law to secure appropriate protection for your son, daughter, or grandchild.

From grade school through high school and college, whenever students are bullied or sexually violated, personal advocacy is a critical component to save their lives. In sensitive scholastic situations, parents may not immediately understand the best way to proactively stand up for children. Bully Navigator shares parent-friendly details about invoking student rights that are promised by the Federal Department of Education and its Office of Civil Rights that hold school administrators accountable.

As a parent advocate, you will have to put on your armor and go into battle on behalf of your son, daughter, or grandkid. This book clearly provides the strategy.

About the Authors


Steve Cohen Ed.D.

A certified Alternative Dispute Resolution mediator, Dr. Cohen is president of the Labor Management Advisory Group and HR Solutions: On Call. He holds a Doctorate in Educational Psychology, Master’s in Public Administration, and bachelor’s in Speech Communications and Human Relations. He has completed over 100 investigations relating to Title IX which include the allegations for sexual harassment, harassment in general, and fairness issues relating to age, gender, and ethnicity.


Larry Altman JD.

Mr. Altman has an extensive background that includes special education lead attorney and compliance officer for the Kansas City Public Schools, Title IX coordinator for the Kansas City School District, and before that, practicing attorney specializing in assistance for children with special needs who qualify for services under the Federal Individuals with Disabilities Act and those needing accommodations under Section 504.

Meet the Author
Dr. Steve Cohen

About The Book 

PARENTS!  Learn about the student rights that are promised by the Federal Department of Education and its Office of Civil Rights.  Discover how to hold school administrators accountable for the safety of your child or grandchild.



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