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Creative Center of America is the creator of The Fun Is Powerful Symposium, a planned event that features our trademarked process to storyboard brand strategies in minutes rather than months. Our 2019 Fun is Powerful Symposium was hosted by The National Museum of Toys / Miniatures.  For the symposium, we set up a 24-foot three-dimensional game board tailored to a specific business and then invited key leaders to brainstorm ways to impact the brand's promotional storyline. 


Our guided process makes ideas strategic, actionable, highly visual, and totally fun.


An amazing group of Kansas City-based leaders came together to engage in our game-like process:

  • Sean Casserley, County Librarian, Johnson County Library

  • Kent Van Amberg, Executive Director American Society of Baking

  • Dave Burns, Story Center Publication Manager, Mid-Continent Public Library

  • Terry Trafton, CEO, CommCARE and

  • Lucinda Noches Talbert, Vice President of Operations, KC Healthy Kids

  • Jessica Pryor, Marketing Partner, Behavioral Health - Client & Integrated Marketing, Cerner

  • Leslie Carto, External Communications Director, PR/Marketing, Truman Medical Centers

  • Larry O’Renick, behavioral health counselor for children, families, and adults

  • Ann Ditty, non-denominational chaplain


The Creative Center of America team:

  • Robin Blakely

  • Melanie Geiss

  • Garrett Stroginis

The Fun is Powerful Symposium focused on a very special case study:

Creative Center of America worked with nonprofit dynamo Barbara Saltzman and her California-based charity The Jester & Pharley Phund which promotes literacy and reading while providing hope for children living with serious illnesses. The community programs by the nonprofit are centered around the New York Times best-selling children's book "The Jester Has Lost His Jingle" by David Saltzman. David's book has made a big difference in thousands of lives for more than two decades thanks to the support of foundations, companies, civic groups, and individuals nationwide. ​


Every brand has a storyline that can be choreographed.

Brand beat by brand beat.


Like reading a classic novel or the screenplay of a hit movie, the audience experience moves clockwise left to right across specific stages--from the starting beat of Discovery to Awareness to Connection to Engagement. Each part of the audience experience has a focus that we call a Brand Beat.  This core set of Brand Beats explicitly define the required areas that are universally critical for every audience and every brand.

The ACE ModelTM 
4 Brand Beats To Strategically Build Your Brand's Storyline 
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Discovery Stage

CBS Sunday Morning featured Barbara Saltzman and the story behind the New York Times best-selling children's book: "The Jester Has Lost His Jingle" by David Saltzman.