Bestselling Author Invites Writers to ‘Meet Up’ at the Library

Welcome, Writers!

South Bay Creative Writers Group, will host USA Today and Amazon best-selling author – and South Bay resident – Rebecca Forster at their meeting October 7, from 10:30 AM. to noon at The Redondo Beach Public Library, main branch, 303 Pacific Coast Highway.

Forster is thrilled to be invited to address the group considering the South Bay is where she draws inspiration for The Witness Series, a seven book legal thriller series whose main character practices law in Hermosa Beach. Over four million Witness Series books have been downloaded or read in hardback and it boasts 7,000+ reviews from readers all over the world. The first book of the series has recently been published in Italy and joins the French and German editions.

Rebecca, a 25-year veteran of traditional publishing – and one of the first traditional authors to go Indie in the digital reading revolution – will talk about publishing choices in the twenty-first century, help guide writers to define their work and invite questions from the audience that address all aspects of writing and publishing.


The ‘Meet Up’ is free and open to all.



NEW SERIES! Police Thrillers by Rebecca Forster
Classic TV Star Linda Henning Opens Up


Linda Henning played the role of Betty Jo Bradley on Petticoat Junction. Her father Paul Henning, was the creator for two hit CBS comedies, The Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction, and he was the executive producer for a third hit, Green Acres. In his heyday, the entertainment industry called Paul Henning the most powerful comedy producer in the world, but to Linda he was always just Daddy.

Lost Manuscript Pays Tribute to TV Legend

Shy Genius Finally in the Spotlight

Jackson County Historical Society found an unpublished manuscript in its archives about TV icon Paul Henning, written by his wife Ruth. Now, in an innovative publishing project, JCHS and the Mid-Continent Public Library have published a delightful memoir.

AND the whole thing is causing quite a stir….just the way his wife always dreamed it could be.



Below are some of the headlines!


An unpublished bio of TV Legend Paul Henning, written by his wife has been unearthed! The book, titled The First Beverly Hillbilly: The Untold Story of the Creator of Rural TV Comedy, will at last be published. Watch the Beverly Hillbillies on MeTV!

READ! Ruth's Dream

Ruth Henning had a story to tell more than a generation ago, and this month that story makes to the public, thanks to the Mid-Continent Public Library and the Jackson County Historical Society.

CLICK! Paul's Story

Critics hated it. Viewers didn’t. It was the No. 1 rated show, according to the Nielsen ratings, in 1962-63 and 1963-64 and stayed in the top 12 for the next five years.

READ! Paul's Journey to Hollywood

Fans of the "The Beverly Hillbillies" will now get a behind-the-scenes look at the show and its creator, Paul Henning,The couple's journey from the Midwest to Hollywood.

LISTEN! KCUR radio guest Linda Henning

Sitcom star Linda Henning played Betty Jo Bradley in PETTICOAT JUNCTION. Linda is the daughter of Paul Henning. She is the spokesperson for her late mother's warm memoir about her family.

CLICK FOR DETAILS! Henning Tribute

It's a book launch. The event is FREE. Come enjoy the good company and hear stories about Paul and Ruth Henning. We also plan a "group sing" of theme song Henning wrote for the Beverly Hillbillies "The Ballad of Jed Clampbett" to celebrate the occasion.

Today’s Fans Love Paul Henning Classics
Fans Love Paul Henning

Classic Television

In television’s heyday, critics often panned the silly sitcoms of the 1960s but every decade new fans are still tuning in…especially to the shows created and produced by Paul Henning, the Missouri native who perfected the art of the rural comedy.

Why do viewers, generation-after-generation, still watch these iconic television shows? 

Ernestine Sclafani Bayless, who is married to sports commentator Skip Bayless, may be classic TV’s biggest fan. She says, “I work for the largest PR agency in the world, I am a vice president in consumer media, I know every episode of Green Acres and The Beverly Hillbillies…and I wanted to be Linda Henning in Petticoat Junction. Why do we still watch? Folks want to escape into another place when watching TV. Just for a half hour, not everything needs to be true stories, crime, or those awful reality TV shows. Classic sitcoms have lasted 50-something years, viewers still watch them on Me TV and TV Land, and generation after generation will continue to tune in. These shows have passed the test of time because they have good solid writing, simple story lines, and superb acting–all to make people laugh.”

CLICK HERE: Read the Top Five Reasons that Today’s Fans Love Yesterday’s Shows.

Fans across the country share their love for the shows and reveal five reasons folks still love classic TV.

City Hall Proclaims Recognition Day

CITY HALL Salutes Paul and Ruth Henning!

Steven V. Potter, Director of Mid-Continent Public Library accepts the city-wide proclamation with Jackson County Historical Society‘s Caitlin Eckard to honor TV legend Paul Henning.

The Independence, Missouri proclamation signed by Mayor Eileen N. Weir, reads: 

WHEREAS, Paul Henning was born in Independence in 1911 and grew up in the community and graduated from William Chrisman High School; and
WHEREAS, Henning enjoyed an early career in Kansas City radio and was a pioneer in television; and
WHEREAS, Henning went on to become the writer and producer of widely popular television shows “The Beverly Hillbillies”, “Green Acres”, and “Petticoat Junction”; and
WHEREAS, Henning drew up many of his early experiences in Missouri and his fondness of the Ozarks as material for the television shows; and
WHEREAS, Henning’s “untold story” as the creator of rural television comedy is finally told in a new memoir “The First Beverly Hillbilly” written by his wife Ruth in 1994; and
WHEREAS, this memoir is being published as a cooperative project of the Jackson County Historical Society (where the manuscript was found) and the Mid-Continent Public Library’s Woodneath Press; and
WHEREAS, this project would not have been possible without the assistance of the Henning children — Linda, Carol, and Tony along with their cousin, Independence resident, Mary Childers; and
WHEREAS, this project celebrates and brings new interest in the life and accomplishments of Paul Henning; and
WHEREAS, September 26th of this year marks the 55th Anniversary of the debut of Paul Henning’s signature accomplishment, “The Beverly Hillbillies”.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Eileen N. Weir, Mayor of the City of Independence, Missouri, by virtue of the authority vested in me, do hereby proclaim September 26, 2017 as
Paul and Ruth Henning Recognition Day:
“Y’all come back now y’hear?”
in the City of Independence and encourages all citizens to recognize Henning’s accomplishments and cultural achievements as an American cultural icon in hopes that his story and be retold and shared with others.

How to Share a Hotel Room With 110,000+ Friends

Bestselling Author Says: Travel Inspires the Creative Soul!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. A lot of folks are following Rebecca Forster on the internet but her 110,000+ TripAdvisor readers are following her to the ends of the earth – or at least to her next destination.


An avid traveler since being bitten by the travel bug on a business trip to China in 1983, Forster is now a TripAdvisor level 9 hotel expert, level 5 luxury hotel expert and a level 2 restaurant expert. She has earned 50+ TripAdvisor badges by reviewing places as close as her hometown coffee shop and as far away as Albanian castles.

“I love discovering places before they are well-known, so I don’t really have a favorite destination, just a favorite way to travel.” One of her favorite travel tips is not to be afraid to move off the beaten path. If an alley looks interesting, check it out – carefully, of course. That little family-run restaurant with an unpronounceable name just might have the best food you’ll ever taste.

A self-described bottomless pit of curiosity, Forster often uses her travels as inspiration for her best selling thrillers. The justice system of Albania intrigued her so much she used it as a premise for Eyewitness, a thriller about modern law colliding with ancient justice. Hawaii was another inspirational journey but not for the obvious reasons. “Most travelers think of Hawaii as a place to chill. I was fascinated by the hidden military history of the islands,” Forster said. She is quick to point out, however, that travel isn’t all work. Thankfully for her TripAdvisor and book fans, she just can’t help but be inspired by every place she visits…and that means writing about those places!

The Finn O’Brien Thriller series is set in Los Angeles where she digs into unusual neighborhoods across the sprawling county of Los Angeles. For Rebecca, restaurants are always the first stop in these close-to-home travel adventures. Maybe that’s why she’s a level 2 restaurant expert with TripAdvisor. Everyone has to eat – even her fictional characters.

Where is Forster’s next destination? She has a few places in mind and TripAdvisor readers will be the first to know where she lands.

Rebecca Forster started writing novels on a crazy dare.  

Now she is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author.  Rebecca lives in Southern California. She is married to a prominent Los Angeles Superior Court judge and is the mother of two grown sons.

Travel is a passion and when she is not writing you can find her on a tennis court, in front of a sewing machine or on the couch with a book in her hand.

One Writer’s To-Do List: Join the Navy

The Navy is always looking for a few good men – and women as the case may be – and they found one in author Rebecca Forster.  Asked to apply to the Navy’s Leaders to Sea Program, Forster jumped at the chance.

Rebecca says, “I wasn’t completely clear about the program. But, seriously, how can you say ‘no’ to the Navy? I filled out the application and waited to see what would happen.”

She soon found out that Leaders to Sea is an outreach program that helps the Navy tell its story by inviting community leaders to experience life on a ship. In Forster’s case that ship was the oldest nuclear battleship in the fleet, the U.S.S. Nimitz that boasts 4.5 acres of flight deck and 5,000 personnel.

Surprised and honored by the special invitation, Forster was intrigued by the adventure. Her father had been in the Navy and the picture of him in his Navy uniform was an image that her whole family treasures. She had always been curious about his time in service.

Forster and landed by tail hook on the flight deck just as the Navy pilots were going through their paces. From the moment she arrived, Forster never stopped running as her hosts gave her access to everything from the bomb making facilities to the mess hall. The experience turned out to be deeply meaningful on a personal level and as a professional endeavor. “The more I experience, the richer my books become. Visiting the U.S.S. Nimitz was just the kind of opportunity I crave. In fact, the impact was profound.”

With her feet firmly on dry land again, Rebecca says, “I am so impressed with the Navy, so filled with pride in my country, and so grateful to all those who serve.”

A prolific writer with more than two dozen books to her name, Rebecca chose only one word to express her admiration for the Navy and the Leaders to Sea program: INSPIRATIONAL.


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