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Focusing Your Professional Time

When it comes to success of professional dreams, the formula is simple: 'talent plus skill' multiplied by 'focused time' equals success. Hands down, you need not worry about the 'talent ...
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High Achiever? Here’s A Survival Plan

Hey There, High Achiever.  Yeah, you. You are working too hard and doing too much...You need a survival plan. So, stop for two minutes and dive deep into the idea that the most powerful ...
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Six Hats Method: Interview With Robin

Robin Blakely is the author of Six Hats: The Inside Out Strategy for the One-Person Business to Find Success. Here is an Interview about the Six Hats concept. QUESTION#1:  Do we really need ...
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How the ‘Castle Metaphor’ Helps Great Writers Become Great Marketers

What’s a castle got to do with marketing?  Everything. In our book Crossing The Troll Bridge, the Creative Castle is an important metaphor for the whole you. This idea is worth your ...
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The Big Trick to Staying On Top of Everything

Most of the time you have to wear a lot of Hats to keep your career afloat.  As a matter of fact, in today's modern world, you can count on wearing six Hats if you want your professional dreams ...
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Curb Appeal for Your Creative Career

Sometimes that big gap between you and your audience is as simple as what your prospective fans can see from a distance. Like many artists and writers, you may have gotten so busy focusing on ...
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The Story Behind My Best Writing Tip Ever

  When I was nine years old, a funny thing happened. I talked my mom into buying me a three-inch, pale green notebook from the drug store on the town square. Then, I made a simple, ...
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New Seating Chart for the 8 Sorts of People In Your World

It takes a lot of intense energy to make your professional dreams happen, especially if you deeply care how you handle yourself along the way. A clear mental picture of the 8 sorts of people in ...
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What IF you outgrow your dreams?

If you are a high achiever who has somehow set your sites lower than your actual potential, get ready! Outgrowing your dreams will not only happen, but it will most likely occur when you least ...
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