Top Coach Invited to Guide Leaders at Industry Events

Robin Blakely, CEO of Creative Center of America and a member of Forbes Coaches Council, is presenting educational workshops at three industry events in February, 2017.

On February 13th, Robin will conduct a promotional training workshop for leaders of ten nonprofits who were awarded grants from the Greater Lee’s Summit Healthcare Foundation. The focus of Robin’s educational workshop is to train nonprofit leaders to participate in an area-wide social media campaign geared to raise awareness of programs that support wellness and good health for the region.

On February 23, Robin will conduct an educational seminar for the Government Finance Officers of Missouri, a professional association of finance officials and their support staff. Robin’s workshop is focused on helping professionals survive public presentations that must deliver difficult news and complex subject matter to audiences.

On February 27, Robin will deliver an educational workshop at BakingTECH, the wholesale baking industry’s leading technology conference that is attended by more than 1300 baking professionals nationwide. Robin’s presentation is about creating social media strategies that work.







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Book Boys Singing In Traffic Jam
“Half LA LA LAND. Half CARPOOL KARAOKE—Kansas City Style.”

“Hands-down the funniest book video and the sweetest homage to a local creative talent that you will ever see.”

It’s very funny when 4 suit-wearing business men get stuck in traffic, become inspired by a book cover, start singing the theme song to one of TV’s most popular sitcoms, and inadvertently inspire other drivers in the traffic jam to join in.

It’s funnier when you know exactly who these non-assuming carpooling guys are—between them, they serve millions of the greater Kansas City area’s readers and TV viewers as the award-winning directors of three nationally acclaimed library systems and the host/executive producer of the area’s most popular prime-time community affairs show.

The driver is Nick Haines from KCPT.

Riding shotgun is Crosby Kemper III, Director of the Kansas City Public Library.

Next, Steven V. Potter, Director of the Mid-Continent Public Library. 

Then, Sean Casserley, director of Johnson County Library.

Oh! And the other drivers…expect a close-up with Eileen Weir, the mayor of the City of Independence.

AND, a cameo from Linda Henning, the classic TV sitcom star whose father came from Independence, MO and created the Beverly Hillbillies and even wrote the song they are all singing—“The Ballad of Jed Clampett.”

Our video introduces the new book about Paul Henning, written by his late wife Ruth who had a dream that someday her husband–the shy genius–would somehow be recognized for his talent. Ruth’s book THE FIRST BEVERLY HILLBILLY is part of an innovative community publishing program pioneered by Mid-Continent Public Library. The lost manuscript was found by the Jackson County Historical Society.

The whole thing is causing quite a stir…just like Ruth always dreamed.


Donor Engagement for Causes

We’re changing the world by changing the way nonprofits do business.

We help you develop the super powers you need to survive working at the nonprofit you love. We help you find ways to save time, money, and energy in your quest to make the world a better place. When it comes to capacity building, we understand how to work with you to maximize your potential. We know you can change the world with your mission if the framework of your business is engineered properly to support what you do.

We understand the nonprofit world…and we love it.  Robin Blakely has served as Publicity Consultant, Marketing Director, Communications Director, or Development Director for a variety of service-focused nonprofits including the American Society of Baking, GLS Healthcare Foundation, NAMI-Kansas City, MidAmerica CIT Council, ReDiscover, Desert Haven, A.V. Boys and Girls Club of America, and Shepherd’s Center Central. As National Cause Marketing Director for GiftsThatGive, Inc., Robin worked with CancerCare, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Pay It Forward Foundation, and many national charities.  She offered capacity-building support to more than 900 nonprofit leaders through a series of popular training webinars that she created and hosted. Additionally, we have worked on multiple client-focused benefits for charities that include the Doris Day Animal Foundation.

♦ PR Campaigns
♦ Creative Collateral, including canned or ghosted articles, press kits, bios, newsletters, scripts, and full video production
♦ Social Media Campaigns, including set-up, strategy, and content
♦ Grant-compliant, capacity-building initiatives; volunteer and fund development; communications infrastructure design; and staff training

We developed the chart below to help you understand the marketing path ahead.
When we work with you, we tailor this road map to your unique situation so you don’t get lost along the way.




Here’s a video excerpt from a training that Robin provided for some local nonprofit leaders as a speaker for the Human Services Advisory Board.


Monthly Retainer or Flat Project Rates.

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